Zero Hero Campaign

Take the ‘Zero Bribe’ Pledge from wherever you are from 9th-18th Dec, 2013 and become a Zero Hero!!

Join us and let us make India proud in the years to come!

Dec 9 is the UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day. Let’s sow a sense of empowerment among children and youth, who can mark the beginning of their Zero-Bribe life with pride and honor.

We aim to reach out to as many schools and colleges and organize a mass pledge holding the Zero rupee note (ZRN) @9:00 am on Dec 9, 2013. We are calling it it the Zero Hero campaign – to tell the children and the youth that Zeroing in on bribe, corruption, black money in each of their personal lives, network of families and friends literally makes them a Hero of this Nation. And that is the ONLY long term & permanent way of making India a less corrupt country.

Working Professionals, Self-Employed citizens can-

  1. Form groups of 5 citizens and above wherever you are.
  2. Download the ZRN from
  3. Hold the ZRN and take the Zero Bribe Pledge printed at the bottom(middle) of its front.
  4. Take a picture or video of your group’s ZERO HERO pledge.
  5. Post it (with a)Name of your group b)Location-City, State, Country) on 5th Pillar’s FB group page –

Do YOU want YOUR school/college to be a part of it ???

Contact us: youth(at),8754446672, 8754046342