Makkal TV, a popular Tamil channel and 5th Pillar jointly conducted a TV talk show at prime time every Sunday from Sept 01, 2013 – Feb 23, 2014. The show was called Vizhithezhu Thamizha.
Below is an episode about the Labour Department:

Each episode covered: one government department or area of governance, the procedures citizens should be aware of, the actual fees for each certificate or service, the details of where to complain in case of bribery, corruption, delayed governance. The floor has been opened for discussion, opinions, debate and to bring about solutions. A panel of experts from 5th Pillar and respective government departments wiere part of the show-providing guidance.

If you are interested in sponsoring a new season of the the talk show, contact info(at) for more information. NRIs, businesses and donors are welcome to sponsor or advertise during the show. This will help 5thPillar to cover the costs of payments to a professional TV host, as well as travel and accommodation of experts and guests who will be part of the panel during the talk show.Each 1-hour episode has 4 minutes of commercials and each ad lasts for 10 seconds. 1 commercial advertisement or sponsorship for a 10 second promo for 5th Pillar in $50. Sponsorship will be used to promote 5th Pillar and its activities, such as the Zero Rupee Note. Your $50 will go towards both promoting 5th Pillar and in helping us cater to the expenses incurred for the talk show.

View photos of the taping