Zero Rupee Note (ZRN)

The ZRN is a non-violent weapon of non-cooperation. It is a simple but creative currency-like tool with the pledge “I will neither accept nor give bribe” and helps people take the 1st step towards saying NO to BRIBE. The organization has distributed more than 3 million ZRNs amongst the public, mostly through students in schools and colleges who have all taken the verbal pledge of Zero corruption, and in turn have acted as messengers of this anti-corruption crusade to the rest of the society. Thousands of citizens have handed out the ZRN under circumstances of demands of bribe and have found to their pleasant surprise that the erstwhile corrupt official/employee yields instantaneously to their request without the bribe.

Free RTI Training

Free “Right to Information (RTI) Act” training is given every week in our office and also at institutions and office premises’(Government and Corporate) on request. Guidance is given to use RTI to obtain governmental services and fundamental rights including Ration card, Driving license, Old Age pension, Land ownership title, Birth/ Death/ Community/ Nativity/ Income certificates etc. RTI Training has been held between 4pm -6pm in Chennai and Coimbatore office every Saturday for the past 6 years.

RTI Clinic

Every day 5 to 10 citizens visit or call our office with corruption complaints. Our team of RTI coordinators, help them to file RTI. We file around 25-30 RTIs per month and motivate citizens to file their own RTIs otherwise.

Freedom from Corruption

College programs
Equipping people with the right tools to fight corruption in colleges, organizations, companies or any group of people. Covered more than 3000 schools, college and groups in India thereby reaching out to more than 5 lakh youth in the last 9 years.

School of Democracy (SOD)

School programs
This program trains youths when they are still navigating their role in administration and corruption. SOD creates a multiplier effect throughout the youth of India. A concept school or a school without walls, the School of Democracy takes democratic duties, rights and values of citizenship to every school and college in the state. The program empowers them with practical methods and tools to avail services and rights without paying bribes and to avoid following illegal shortcuts in the system.

Anti-Corruption Helpline (+91-94451-64555)

This phoneline helps citizens who are unable to handle cases of bribery or corruption by themselves, when intervention is required by 5th Pillar to help them file complaints with the Vigilance Department or CBI’s Anti-Corruption Bureau. We receive over 25-30 calls everyday.

Maattram (Change)

The monthly magazine that carries news related to bribery and corruption, anti-corruption initiatives, techniques, and interviews of clean bureaucrats and politicians.

Youth Pillar

5th Pillar student cell in colleges to create awareness among all students and carry out anti-corruption activities within the college and its immediate neighborhood.

AGNI- Action Ground for New India

Action Ground for New India(AGNI), is 5th Pillar’s youth run project aimed at empowering citizens in understanding & ensuring effective utilization of Government Schemes, Services of Basic Government Departments. Each area or ward will have a trained coordinating team that will carry out planned civic activities. We work to empower them with the right knowledge enabling them to address and resolve issues themselves. The aim of the program will be to: Create Change Makers, Evolve model wards & solve local issues, Encourage people participation, Avail basic services & Rights