5th Pillar is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or Private Voluntary Organization (PVO). The object of the Organization is to Encourage, Enable, and Empower Every Citizen of India to Eliminate Corruption at all levels of Society. We invite people to join the Organization for getting their fundamental rights without resorting to bribery. Our objective is to create an awareness against social evils in society.

Individuals in India seeking membership, may download membership forms (listed below) and follow instructions printed in the form(s):

Hindi Membership Form
Tamil Membership Form

Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) and People of Indian Origin seeking membership download membership form and follow instructions.

Proof of Identified Enclosed Ration CardDriving LicensePan CardOther
Are You a Student YesNo

Are you willing to form a 5th Pillar Chapter in your Area? YesNo

  • I am willing to become a member of 5th Pillar and work towards eradicating corruption at all levels of society in India. Pledge
  • I will neither give not take bribe
  • I will not take part in any act of corruption
  • I will not encourage anyone to be part of an act of corruption
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