5th Pillar is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or Private Voluntary Organization (PVO). The object of the Organization is to Encourage, Enable, and Empower Every Citizen of India to Eliminate Corruption at all levels of Society. We invite people to join the Organization for getting their fundamental rights without resorting to bribery. Our objective is to create an awareness against social evils in society. Chapters of the Organization may be formed at the District Level, Panchayat Union Level and Panchayat level all over the country. We also encourage formation of International chapters by patriotic Non Resident Indians and People of Indian Origin. Local Chapters help solve local problems effectively, while International chapters take on the role of Satellite RTI centers and help promote the cause and spread awareness.

Steps to form a 5th Pillar Chapter
  • Complete and submit the application form to start a chapter in your area. You may submit the online application or download application and follow instructions on the form. Upon processing your application, you can expect a letter of determination from OHQ/International HQ (IHQ) within 2 weeks. If the determination is in favor of your intend, you will also receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Send completed and signed MOU to either OHQ or email to endcorruption(at) with a copy to operations(at) For International chapters, send MOU to dc(at) Once the completed and signed MOU is received and accpted OHQ/IHQ will send you consent letter/certificate of registration as a formal chapter of 5th Pillar
  • Provide list of all members of the chapter with basic contact info and fees (this may be done via email as well) within 60 days of formation and keep this record updated monthly
Guidelines for Chapter Structure and Successful Operation

Listed below are the general guidelines for the structure and successful operation of a chapter. This may vary based on geographical and cultural diversity.

International Chapter guidelines and structure will be discussed offline via email communications (dc(at) and will vastly vary from country to country and region to region.

Suggested characteristics of Chapters:
  • A minimum of 100 members for the District Chapter
  • A minimum of 50 Members for the Block Level Chapters
  • A minimum of 25 members for the Panchayat Level Chapter
  • Conduct of at least six continuous Monthly Meetings.
  • Conduct of at least three Meetings for the Right to Information Act
Chapters will comprise of the following Executive Members:
  1. District Coordinator
  2. Public Relation Coordinator
  3. Right to Information Act Coordinator
  4. Vigilance Coordinator
  5. Youth Pillar Coordinator
Job chart of the District Coordinator
  • Formulate the effective functioning of the Aims and Objective of the Organization
  • Conduct weekly meetings for the Members and Coordinators.
  • Enroll new Members for the Chapter
  • Popularize the enrollment and distribution of MAATRAM/Other publication(s) in the District
  • Prepare the program of work and the training schedule for the entire year
  • Prepare monthly reports for Training program on RTI, RTI applications, and anti corruption activities
  • Collect information on the donors and patrons for the Organization
Job Chart of the Public Information Coordinator
  • Send information for the 5th Pillar Website
  • Send materials for MAATRAM/other publication(s)
  • Supply information to the Media like Newspapers, Radio, and TV Channels
  • Collect advertisements for MAATRAM/other publication(s)
  • Contact All industrial Establishments, Private and Public Sector Undertakings, and arrange for Training
  • programs and Events on a regular basis
  • Maintain regular contact with Service organizations such as Lions Club, Rotary Club etc.
Job Chart of the RTI Coordinator
  • Help people in sending Right to Information Representations
  • Examine local problems and find out solutions by making use of Right to Information Act
  • Conduct weekly RTI training for the public and at Educational and Industrial establishments
Job Chart of the Vigilance Coordinator
  • Collect details connected with the local problems, provide information to the Department of Anti Corruption, and Vigilance and Anti Corruption and prevent corruption in society
  • Conduct sting operations and trap corrupt people red-handed
  • Maintain constant rapport with Anti Corruption Departments and Officers
Job Chart of Youth Pillar (Previously SAC) Coordinator
  • Form Youth Pillar Units for college students
  • Arrange events in schools and colleges
  • Conduct competitions for students
  • Distribute Zero Rupee Notes (ZRN) and publicity materials
  • Coordinate students, and conduct campaigns in villages