Ashoka ChangeMakers Global Award for ‘Citizen Media‘: 5th Pillar was been elected as a winner from among 426 NGOs from 75 world countries in a Global competition for Citizen Media that has made change.

United Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) has recognised 5th Pillar as an NGO with Special Consultative Status with their office in the field of Anti-Corruption.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP): The launch and impact of 5th Pillar’s Zero Rupee Note campaign was recognized in UNDP’s Asia Pacific Human Development Report titled “Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives” released in the 13th IACC (International Anti-Corruption Conference) held at Athens, Greece in Oct 2008. In the report, pages 145-146 covering “CHAPTER 7: Citizens on Watch” has a noteworthy mention of 5th Pillar’s people-centric method of raising awareness.

United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime (UNODC): Invited 5th Pillar to the 3rd session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption held between 9th and 13th Nov 2009 at Doha, Qatar and was felicitated by projecting the organization’s work under the topic “Media Relations and Good Practices in Anti-corruption Awareness Raising Campaigns

Transparency International, Berlin-Germany: In recognition of 5th Pillar’s civil resistance impact created among the people, TI- Berlin invited 5th Pillar for the 14th IACC (International Anti-Corruption Conference) at Bangkok, in November 2010, to share the organization’s work in mobilizing citizens coalition to confront corruption head on by way of the Zero rupee note campaign. It was also invited to the 17th IACC, in Kuala Lumpur, 2015, where it hosted a panel discussion.

The Summer University of Democracy’s conference on “Crisis of Leadership” hosted by the Council of Europe felicitated 5th Pillar’s commitment to create a new generation of leaders, by inviting the organization’s president to present a paper on “Civil resistance and accountable governance: role of citizens in the fight against corruption and social and economic injustice”

British Museum, London: has placed on exhibit, 5th Pillar‟s Zero Rupee Note as a commendation to the innovative and unique approach of using a currency like tool to fight corruption. The ZRN is now on display in the “Coins and Medals” section of its main premises at London. Click here for museum‟s database link to the note.

PopTech, headquartered in Camden, Maine-USA, an unique innovation network and a global community of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers, and do-ers from many different disciplines recognised 5th Pillar’s path-breaking anti-corruption work and presented the Zero Rupee note campaign work and the related social impact in its
annual conference of “World Changing People, Projects and Ideas”.

Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) in an effort to highlight 5th Pillar’s commendable work to its members and the business community, invited Vijay Anand, the President of the organization to be a panelist and speaker in a Panel discussion titled “Corruption Free India – A Reality” on 12th July 2011 in the Auditorium, Olympia Tech Park, Chennai.

Vigilance Awareness Week 2016: 31 Oct- 5 Nov -The Vigilance Department’s new initiative— integrity pledge!