About us

5th Pillar is an International non profit organization that uses the Zero Rupee Note and the RTI Act of 2005 to empower those affected by corruption so that they get services without paying bribes or encountering delays.

5th Pillar fights corruption—one of the deep rooted evils of our nation, to strengthen democracy. The Nation already has four pillars of democracy the legislature, executive, judiciary and press. 5th Pillar is formed as a coalition of like-minded citizens of our country who want to see a better society and governance system in our great nation. Any socially-conscious, patriotic and well-meaning citizen who values of rule of law above everything, and puts the nation and its people in front of his personal gains, is a 5th Pillar.

Corruption is defined as “the misuse of entrusted power for private gain”. 5th Pillar’s focus area will be to help citizens to obtain their fundamental rights and entitled services from the government offices and departments, where the PUBLIC have entrusted power to the government employees. Although there are several private institutions(schools, colleges and companies) that are over-charging the public for certain services, those cases will not come under ‘Corruption’, whereas they are plain cases of cheating, fraud or taking advantage of people’s wants and desires.

Since, private institutions do not have any entrusted power (not elected or appointed by the people), but are acting on the power of money, 5th Pillar encourages citizens to register complaints with the appropriate government departments and should contact us if the complaint in the government department is not being treated effectively.

“The SILENCE of good people is more dangerous than the brutality of bad people”
– Martin Luther King Jr.