Polluting Factory Removed From Chennai Residential Area

Anupama Fabricators, a factory in Alandur, Chennai had been suspected of causing air and noise pollution to the nearby residential area.  Residents of nearby Aswini Anthara apartments asked the factory to move to another location but their requests fell on deaf ears.


Eventually, they approached our Chennai office seeking assistance. Our RTI coordinators at filed an RTI petition to the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) on Sept 18, 2009. The District Environmental Engineer of TNPCB conducted an inspection on the factory and found hazardous level of pollutants being emitted. The factory was ordered to be relocated from the residential neighborhood.


The Engineer sent a notice to the factory administration asking them to close the unit and copied the letter to the District collector of Kancheepuram, which expedited the closure of the factory.

RTI Ends Illegal Occupancy of Villupuram District Government Property

Mr. Tamilselvan of Tirupattur in Villupuram District became aware of government property that was being illegally occupied. The occupants started harassing local residents without regard. Mr. Tamilselvan, along with other concerned residents reported to local government officers with no result for several years.


Mr. Tamilselvan visited 5th Pillar Chennai and an RTI petition was filed on Oct 27, 2009 asking for the evacuation procedure, the designated official charged with fulfilling the object, and the time frame. The District Administration and Water Service Board explained in detail the plan to evacuate the illegal occupants, which has since been done.