5th Pillar was invited to do a School of Democracy program in Sri Saradha Matric Higher Secondary School.  

When the program was over, 5th Pillar learned from the school's Principal that the school had been trying for the previous year to get the approval to teach higher secondary classes (11th & 12th grade) from the Tamil Nadu Directorate of Matriculation schools (TNDM). When the school met the Director of TNDM, the Director demanded 3 Lakhs bribe and said: "We charge the regular schools Rs.12,00,000, but since you are a non-profit and have a good cause I am charging you this".

5th Pillar went to meet the Director, but he was out on official duty, so the 5th Pillar team distributed Zero Rupee Notes to the rest of the staff there.

A week later the Principal of Saradha school called to thank the team for helping them get the license.

Just by showing the Zero Rupee Note, the officials gave the school their approval with Zero-bribe.