Mrs. Thayammal, the elder sister of Mr. Natarajan (5th Pillar Coordinator of Uralvaimozhi, Tirunelveli District) was due for Old Age Pension.  Mr. Natarajan applied for it in June 2011 with nothing happening for two years.  5th Pillar sent an RTI application to the Public Information Officer (PIO) and then to the Appellate Authority.  Neither of them sent a reply.

A second appeal was sent to the Chief Information Commissioner.  The Information Commissioner ordered the PIO to immediately send a reply; however the PIO did not comply.

Mr. Natarajan then sent copies of all RTI applications and the appeal to the District Collector, Chief Minister'™s cell, and the concerned Social Welfare Thasildar of Tirunelveli.  The Old age pension was sanctioned within 15 days from the date of application.

Though the RTI applications were not immediately useful, further appeal helped Mrs. Thayammal get her old age pension.