Mr. Namachivayam of Adyar, Chennai contacted us saying his patta allotment has been pending in the Taluk Office, Sriperumpudur from 2011 and all his requests to the Taluk Office hadn'€™t yielded any results.

5th Pillar Chennai sent an RTI Application to the Public Information Officer (PIO), Taluk Officer, Sriperumpudur on 03/29/2012 and an appeal to the Appellate Authority on 03/29/2012.  Having received no reply, we have sent an appeal to the Chief Information Commissioner, on 06/08/2012.  The Revenue Department published a copy of the Notification in their website but didn't mention the land owner'€™s name.  We sent another application to the PIO on 07/30/2012.  Because of the application, the Revenue Department published the entire details in the website.

Mr. Namachivayam thanked 5th Pillar for our assistance.